Halloween Google Doodle!

Hey ya'll, just wanted to share the last project I was a part of at Google. Find out what's behind those doors right here :) Thanks to fine folks like Khom, Mark, and SFD for their ingenuity & sorcery the icing icing on the cake couldn't be cooler (the cat is AWESOME!)... and the rest of the doodlers (you know who you are) I miss you guys!

Here are some other personal favorites from the past year...

detail of First Day of School

detail of Moon/Mid Autumn Festival
Julia Child's 100th Birthday - alt concept

Julia Child's 100th Birthday - rough color

Julia Child's 100th Birthday - sketch

The Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Birthday! I <3 sf="sf">

Teacher's Day
Dia De Los Muertos!
Grandparents Day (Poland)
Edmond Halley

 Google's 13th Birthday (which was a mini set)

 and my first doodle, Annie Schmidt, a Dutch children's book writer who worked with the brilliant illustrator, Fiep Westendorp.