a los botes

wonders and whatnots = adios!

it's official, 'wonders and whatnots' is sold out! (although i hear there'll be a few copies at nucleus pretty soon...) THANK YOU SO MUCH! it means the world to me... it's a huge reward to be received by fine folks like yourselves, to scribble down what's inside your head and to communicate how and what you see. MUCH love. i can't wait to get another book going (already in the works ;)  -willie


Nº 54

50 x 35

burlesque figures


dropped by a figure drawing workshop in the mission earlier tonight.

Power Paola dibuja y dibuja, me invitò a conversar, picando aquì pueden ver lo que hicimos. Y se vienen màs conversaciones con otros dibujantes. No se lo pierdan.

sophia loren

some quick sketches with a little color of the gorgeous sophia loren - willie
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